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Over the years we have helped companies & individuals save tens of millions of dollars in costs, increase profits, address personal, business, contract, real estate, divorce, partnership, hostage situations & more for clients throughout the United States and around the globe.

It only costs a few minutes to ask a question, find out how we can help, or support your business or personal issue. But it can cost you money, opportunity, and potentially a hundred times more if you don’t make that call. What are you waiting for? No Cost – No Obligation Consult.






Whether you are an engineer, technical innovator,  financial services, sales or purchasing professional, C-level executive, non-profit leader, educator, politician  or attorney, CNS: EVOLVE LIVE is for you. Why? CNS: EVOLVE LIVE is based on the only universal negotiation framework adaptable to any type of negotiation — from the simplest buy/sell  transactions to the most sophisticated and complex multilateral multinational challenges.

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