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Are you satisfied?

Are you satisfied with learning just “one new idea or concept when you attend an educational workshop or event”?   H-C thinks you’re setting the bar way too low!  Don’t you deserve a higher ROI?

Exactly what is the point of investing all of the time and financial resources necessary to attend a negotiation workshop or educational program if you aren’t going remember  90% of what was presented two days after you’ve completed the course?

 Not much point at all is there?  

More importantly how do you put the concepts and strategies that were presented  into practice if you don’t remember what the concepts and  strategies are?  

You can’t put them into practice can you?

H-C’s proprietary customized  BootCampsm  modules raise the bar and produce results that expand and last LONG after the program ends.

Participants of H-C’s educational programs and services retain more content and return to life and work more prepared  and able to implement what they’ve learned better than attendees of any other program.

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Higher Faster Better ROI

To achieve a higher faster better ROI you’ve not only got to have more knowledge, you’ve got to have more of the right kind of knowledge and you’ve got to put that knowledge to work as quickly as possible.

H-C’s proprietary BootCamp system is a challenging yet entertaining combination of elements that significantly increase the amount of pertinent knowledge that each participant is able to commit to memory during and  long after any H-C workshop or in-house event that is attended.

BootCamp is based on the concept of IKSEAR which refers to the process of taking “Information” and turning it into “Knowledge”.  Taking “Knowledge” and turning it into “Skill”.  Taking “Skill” and turning it into “Expertise”. Taking “Expertise” and turning it into “Action”. Taking “Action” and turning it into measurable “Results” (IKSEAR).

This concept was originally introduced in an article entitled “Three Fundamental Reasons Negotiators Fail”, published in The Negotiator Magazine.  Since then ISKEAR has become a hallmark of H-C executive education workshops like EVOLVE LIVE.

But BootCamp (Like virtually all H-C consulting and executive education components) can be tailored and facilitated  as a stand alone component for any team, group, profession or business sector. 

A bit apprehensive initially the vast majority of BootCamp participants are amazed at how much information they are able to retain and turn into knowledge by the end of a program or stand alone BootCamp session.

As a result many participants continue to grow and rapidly refine their understanding of the tactics, techniques and strategies included in the customized workbook, texts and other materials included in the program that attend.

The real value of that growth and increased knowledge is a much greater immediate ability to put what they know into practice, a greater capacity for responding to challenges and ultimately a greater ability to achieve results that were previously difficult if not impossible prior to their participation in BootCamp.

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Multisensory Learning Is Better Learning

Virtually everyone has a primary learning preference. Some people learn best by reading or from visual aides. Others by listening. Still others learn best by engaging in hands on exercises and doing.

But EVERYONE regardless of their primary learning preference learns and retains more of what they learn by engaging in a combination of these activities.

H-C’s multisensory approach combines a full range of learning activities to stimulate all of the senses.

By doing so information is absorbed more deeply and therefore is more readily available after the initial learning activity has been concluded.

Have you ever read a great book or attended a great educational event only to find that shortly thereafter you can’t access or remember much of what you wanted to remember?  We all have at one time or another and that can be really frustrating.

But when people move what they want to learn or want to remember out of short term and into the long term memory there is a much greater chance that they will  not only remember more but that they will put that learning into practice.

H-C’s BootCamp stimulates all of the senses, utilizes proven memorization techniques, stress relief and other elements that encourage participants to retain more and therefore to see a much greater return on what they learn because they use it faster and more frequently.

Call 818 242-8005 to learn more or to inquire about scheduling a BootCamp for your company, team or group.

A Customized Coordinated Approach

Because H-C is a primarily a negotiation consultancy we don’t just provide workshops and educational programs to our clients, we provide a full range of consulting options integrated educational programs and services that allow us to offer coordinated multifaceted solutions and support.

H-C is focused on providing the highest value to our clients by tailoring our services to meet their individual needs and preferences to maximize ROI.

We partner with our clients, we work to understand how their organizations and their people work so that we can identify and recommend the best program, module or combination of consulting and educational components then tailor those components to meet specific needs and identified preferences.

Whether you’re an individual, small,  medium size business or corporate conglomerate H-C will do everything in our power to provide consistently outstanding quality and results.

Call today 818 242-8005 to inquire about availability since H-C maintains a limited client list in order to retain the highest standards.

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