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Thanks to you I got 1.2 million from the landlord and an additional $800 thousand from the lender


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A Silent Partner

Going it alone can be daunting.  So many choices, so many risks.  Mistakes can limit your opportunities and rob you of success.

H-C consulting services offers individuals affordable options such as our exclusive 545 consulting package, five hours of one-on-one consultation for less than half our standard fee.  Call for details and a complimentary consultation.

The vast majority of H-C’s individual clients stay with us for years. They’ve seen results and recognize H-C’s ongoing value in a range of situations throughout their careers.

Why would board-certified physicians, elected officials, CEO’s,  attorneys, sales & procurement professionals, project managers and engineers remain clients if they didn’t get results?

But what we’ve done for others is less important that what we can accomplish working with you.  All it takes is a phone call or email to find out how H-C can help…

Proven Results

H-C’s individual consulting clients have consistently achieved outstanding results, although every client and every situation is unique.

“H-C understands how to cut to the heart of an issue quickly and effectively”                                        N. Batdorf  

It was dark, but now it’s light”        L. Johnson

Clients come to us with such issues as raises, promotions, contract disputes, unfair dismissal (even in Right to Work States), divorces or dissolution’s, personal & professional relationship challenges, business or real estate sales or purchase conflicts and more.

I asked for H-C’s assistance in resolving a particularly difficult negotiation. Derrick  strategically guided me, coached me, supported me, scolded me and cheered me on to see my negotiation situation from a totally different point of view.        Dr. J. Biasotti, Ph.D

Circumstances Do Not Dictate Outcomes

Even if you don’t think you have any options,  our clients often find that our unique strategies and dedication lead them to do the seemingly impossible.  How can H-C turn things around for you?

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                                                                                                          Any issue, business or personal.