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For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

“Talent is only a starting point.”            Irving Berlin

Practice Makes Perfect

Harrison-Chevalier will help prepare you or your team for any upcoming negotiation by designing  and facilitating customized proprietary mock negotiations specifically tailored for your business, profession or industry.

These interactive practice sessions simulate many of the components you’ll see in your live negotiation(s) so  they evaluate the strengths and  areas of growth for each participant. We’ll then make suggestions, provide exercises and recommend strategies that will close the gaps, increase the skills and improve the odds of achieving the highest and best possible outcome.

You’ll learn to read your counterparts communication style and hidden agendas, anticipate roadblocks and unspoken objectives all while asking the kinds of questions that help you minimize your risks and maximize potential results.

Symbiolateral© Perspective

Symbiolateral perspective is the CNS proprietary term that refers to seeing or being aware of  a negotiation environment from virtually every angle simultaneously .

Many negotiators are so focused on what is right in front of them that they become vulnerable to threats originating from other directions.

Facilitated mock negotiations by H-C reduce our client’s risks by increasing their perspective and sharpening their awareness.

If the outcome or stakes of your negotiations are critical a customized mock negotiation facilitated by H-C prepares you to create the best possible results.

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Customized mock negotiations consistently achieve exceptionally high ROI for our clients.What can an H-C customized mock negotiation do for your organization? 

A coordinated Approach

Because H-C is a primarily a negotiation consultancy we don’t just provide workshops and educational programs to our clients, we provide a full range of integrated services that allow us to offer coordinated multifaceted solutions and support.

H-C’s average client relationship is seven years and our best clients retain a full range of ongoing consulting, off and onsite education, on demand consulting so their employees can get support when they need it.

Whether you’re an individual, small,  medium size business or corporate conglomerate H-C will do everything in our power to provide consistently outstanding quality and results.

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