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If we understand what our counterpart is going to do before we engage, we can better prepare for how to respond when we do engage.  If we do not understand what our counterpart is going to do, then we need to prepare differently. H-C’s Modified War Games can be that difference.



After partnering with clients to determine their precise needs and preferences H-C can combine and tailor virtually any combination of our consulting services and educational programs to create a unique proprietary  profile designed specifically for you!  H-C understands that  some  challenges can be identified and resolved relatively quickly, other challenges  and objectives require a comprehensive multifaceted approach in order to achieve the highest and best possible outcome. Choose from a wide range of consulting services and educational components to create the solution that exceeds your expectations… Call 818 242-8005 today.


Not Just For The Military

Military and Para-Military organizations all over the world take part in full scale war games in order to stay prepared for the real challenges that they may be called upon to address at any moment.

Similarly, banks and financial institutions now regularly participate in the equivalent of war games called stress tests which are designed to test how financial institutions would perform given a particular set of events or occurrences in domestic and international economies.

Clearly there is great benefit in conducting war games and in testing and understanding how your people and  your resources stand up against the challenges that you need to be prepared to address.

Given the many potential benefits of war gaming for businesses and organizations engaged in significant negotiations H-C has developed a CNS Modified War Game©  (MWG) framework that can be scaled up or down depending on the specific needs, goals and objectives of our client and on factors such as resources and potential ROI.

In some ways CNS  Modified War Games are like mock negotiations except that more time and preparation are invested in the development of the prospective counterparts, location, logistics, competitive intelligence, role preparation, duration etc.

While a mock negotiation might involve having the members of the same organization take on the role of someone described in a given scenario, the MWG might actually involve a counterpart from outside of the client’s organization or someone who has been rigorously prepared to take on the personality and idiosyncrasies of those with whom our client will be negotiating.

Think of the MWG as a sophisticated dress rehearsal that will accomplish a great deal of what a military or para-military war game accomplishes with significantly less cost and potentially higher ROI.   Call 818 242-8005 today to find out how H-C’s exclusive MWG framework can help your business be ready for that next important negotiation.

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To maximize ROI let H-C work with you to design a comprehensive customized suite of consulting and educational programs including our flagship CNS: EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day & 2-Day workshops.  

Call 818 242-8005 to schedule a discrete complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and preferences.

Analysis & Debrief

Depending on individual client needs and preferences the structure and design of an individual MWG might include a sequestered intensive working session or it might include an observation gallery of the players’ colleagues who will ask questions, make suggestions, pose scenarios  or otherwise enhance the benefits of the MWG for those who will be part of the actual negotiation. H-C will facilitate the actual MWG, the debriefing session(s), challenge the participants and the observers to greater depth and competence and provide a summary and analysis of the MWG for the team thereafter.  In some situations an H-C facilitator might be used as an observer or as an embedded team member during actual negotiations which provides an unprecedented opportunity for critical debriefing, analysis and follow up.

While MWG’s can be useful and effective for organizations who are not otherwise clients of H-C, the greatest value of the MWG is derived by those clients who have been exposed to H-C’s proprietary negotiation on & offsite consulting and workshops; especially those who have experienced CNS: EVOLVE Live.  Call 818-242-8005  to  find out more or to discuss your specific questions.

A Coordinated Approach

Because H-C is a primarily a negotiation consultancy we don’t just provide workshops and educational programs to our clients, we provide a full range of integrated services that allow us to offer coordinated multifaceted solutions and support. H-C’s average client relationship is seven years and our best clients retain a full range of ongoing consulting, off and onsite education, on demand consulting so their employees can get support when they need it.  Whether you’re an individual, small,  medium size business or corporate conglomerate H-C will do everything in our power to provide consistently outstanding quality and results. Call today to inquire about availability since H-C maintains a limited client list in order to retain the highest standards.  Find out how H-C’s full range of consulting services, executive education workshops and programs can benefit you or your organization. Call 818 242-8005 today or email:  info@h-c.com

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