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In life and in negotiation it’s not what you see that poses the greatest risk or challenge it’s what you don’t see…

 H-C can help your team re-focus, revitalize and re-shape itself to achieve a complete “symbiolateral” perspective . That means they’ll not only see what is on the surface, they’ll learn to see in every direction simultaneously…as a team.

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Fresh Perspective Equals Better Results

For the astute CNS negotiator it’s not what you see that poses the most danger or that determines the ultimate risk or outcome, it’s what you don’t see and what you do about what you don’t see that really matters.

One of the challenges in working with the same team or group of people all the time is that you are working with the same team or group of people all of the time.

After a while you lose the edge, the team gets complacent or establishes patterns that are departmental, counter intuitive or even detrimental to the purpose or objectives the team had when it began working together. It’s not so much laziness it’s more a function of the fact that no matter how much you love broccoli for example, eating broccoli every day,  like working with the same team every day, can cause the team to lose its effectiveness or appeal no matter how you season it.

At some point the team takes on an unintended personality of its own, people assume roles for better or for worse and expectations become limited to the same ole same ole perspectives and outcomes achieved in previous negotiations or assignments.

When people don’t have access to new perspectives they literally become chained to habits and limitations that are only there because the same team or counterpart(s) is there and that becomes a limitation for the team and a HUGE advantage for their counterpart(s) if they know how to exploit it. H-C can be your new fish, that fresh perspective.

By becoming a temporarily  embedded member of your team or by training someone within your company to serve in that capacity H-C will observe the behaviors, analyse the dynamics, provide a CNS perspective, ask questions and make suggestions. As a result H-C will encourage new levels of thinking and achievement by your team.

Don’t kid yourself (H-C certainly won’t) it isn’t easy to change behaviors or expectations it can be messy and at times contentious but H-C is up to the task if you are because we know that teams are either going to raise the bar and do what it takes to change and grow, or they are going to settle for mediocre it’s your choice.

There are lots of details and specifics that need to be addressed, we have questions, you have questions and frankly H-C isn’t interested in working with everyone any more than everyone is interested in working with us.

H-C offers customized hybrid solutions based on a vast reservoir of experience and knowledge but ultimately you know more about your business than we do; we’re looking to partner with you, to enhance your results, to be that new fish and to help your team achieve the highest and best possible outcomes.

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Goldfish Jumps to new bowl

Ever notice how a new fish can stir things up and encourage fresh perspectives?

H-C Can be that fish… temporarily

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Symbiolateral Perspective

Symbiolateral perspective is the CNS proprietary term that refers to seeing or being aware of  a negotiation environment from virtually every angle simultaneously .

Many negotiating teams are so focused on what is right in front of them or happening as the result of habitual behaviors developed over time, that they become vulnerable to threats originating from other directions.

H-C’s embedded team member and stealth consulting options reduce our client’s risks by stirring things up, increasing their perspective, sharpening their awareness and introducing new tools and strategies.

If the outcome or stakes of your negotiations are critical the H-C Team Member option combined with other customized consulting components will encourage new levels of skill and competence, leading to greater team performance.  

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A  Coordinated Approach

Because H-C is a primarily a negotiation consultancy we don’t just provide workshops and educational programs to our clients, we provide a full range of integrated services that allow us to offer coordinated multifaceted solutions and support.

H-C’s average client relationship is seven years and our best clients retain a full range of ongoing consulting, off and onsite education, on demand consulting so their employees can get support when they need it.

Whether you’re an individual, small,  medium size business or corporate conglomerate H-C will do everything in our power to provide consistently outstanding quality and results.

Call today to inquire about availability since H-C maintains a limited client list in order to retain the highest standards.