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“I am a member of the team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”
 Mia Hamm


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Team or Group of Individuals?

Sometimes your greatest opponent isn’t on the other side of the table.  He or she may be sitting right next to you.

Ever had a colleague offer a concession or make  an unsolicited comment that sucked the air out of the room and changed the balance of power?

Ever been uncertain about what your role is or what value you should be bringing to the table?

Ever had someone from another department or division within your own company focus only on what’s best for them?

Negotiating as a team requires both skill and finesse.   Unlike chess pieces, human beings don’t always know the rules of engagement or which role they should be playing.

In chess only the pawn can transform after crossing the board, but with the support and guidance of H-C consulting every individual can be empowered and make the team stronger.



 “As a pawn moves across the board its chances of becoming more increase.  Be more.”


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Teams That Don’t Prepare?

No one can imagine a professional sports team taking the field without ever having practiced or insured that every player was familiar with the same playbook, rules and objectives. Yet many companies send their professionals into negotiations with no team practice or experience.  As a result everyone plays by different rules, harbors different expectations and has no idea how to be an effective team member.

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H-C Consulting Can Help…

Harrison-Chevalier can partner with your team by providing customized work sessions and tailored solutions specifically structured to meet your goals and objectives.  No matter what your team’s level of experience, H-C can provide cost effective  consulting and support services that will quickly and effectively raise the bar and strengthen the skills of everyone on your team.  Call 818 242-8005 today to find out how to turn your group of individuals into a more effective  negotiation powerhouse.

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