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Resilient & Complex

No where is the collective resilience and complexity of a critical international business  more evident than in the automotive sector. H-C has deep roots and vast experience during every phase and with virtually every major player in automotive worldwide.

At one point the automotive sector represented a majority  of   H-C’s client list so when the automotive sector got hit by the veritable  tsunami of 2007-8 and thereafter  H-C took a major shot as well.

At times the challenges seemed impossible but like the automotive sector H-C dug in, fought hard and used the painful lessons of the financial crisis as inspiration to strengthen and reinvent itself into a smarter stronger more diversified company than ever before.

All of that strength and resilience has been harnessed and poured into Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS), the only universal negotiation training framework built in and specifically for the 21st Century!

Is your automotive company ready for CNS: EVOLVE LIVE?

Choose a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Consulting package or schedule the EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day or 2-Day  customized in-house program and experience the cutting edge in negotiation theory and practice for the 21st century.

Powerful and interactive these workshops are fast paced, challenging and include pre & post assessment as well as  live follow up consulting, hosted teleconferences or webinars and email support.

In addition each participant receives a customized comprehensive workbook, two perfect bound books including ROADMAP to Success with Dr. Steven Covey, Dr. Ken Blanchard and Derrick Chevalier. Influence – Rapport – Results and the brand new EVOLVE Or Be Slaughtered: Negotiation For The 21st Century,also by Derrick Chevalier.    Call 818 242-8005

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 Visionary & Discerning

Currently H-C is engaged by and is strategically growing a select group of clients in automotive rather than promoting an all-comers approach because our objective is to establish deep roots and long lasting relationships that continuously evolve and  focus on measurable results and high ROI for every client; and that means we have to be as selective about our clients as they are about us.

There has never been an economy like the one the world is experiencing now and ongoing advances in production manufacturing technology environmental concerns and consumer preference are likely to remain in a constant SOF (State of Flux) for years. H-C’s proprietary Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS)  framework, and EVOLVE LIVE 1-day and 2-day negotiation training were built in and developed for today’s Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EGIE) . Our negotiation consulting and executive education programs and services are cutting edge & provocative, built on quantitative cornerstones that reflect the same kind of vision and discernment as the automotive sector itself.

Typically automotive companies send or provide negotiation training for their sales and procurement employees and typically that training will focus on buying and selling.  In the first place sales and procurement professionals have to do a whole lot more than know how to buy or sell in order to buy or sell effectively in today’s Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE).

More important  the automotive business model involves hundreds of people who are vital to the process of product development, testing, warehousing, managing and so on who don’t sell or buy anything directly; people like engineers, designers, administrators, security, production personnel, project managers, accounting and financial professionals. And because these people don’t buy or sell directly many of them never receive training in negotiation yet they all negotiate every day of their careers; isn’t that odd?

Well, it’s not only odd this oversight costs automotive companies tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars directly and indirectly every single year. As far as H-C is concerned that’s not just odd it’s wasteful and counterproductive.

One pervasive reason for this costly oversight originates with the historical structure of negotiation training prevalent in automotive which was (and for many still is) heavily saturated by stories, examples and discussion related solely to aspects of  buying and selling.  So when professionals not directly connected or involved with buying and selling  attend that kind of training it doesn’t resonate and ultimately many find that negotiation just isn’t worth the investment of their time or resources.

But today’s Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EGIE) isn’t your typical economy and H-C’s proprietary consulting services and executive educational programs such as CNS: EVOLVE LIVE  aren’t built on your typical negotiation framework.  All H-C consulting services and educational programs are based on the CNS framework, the only universal negotiation framework built in and designed for the complex challenges of the 21st Century.

CNS has consistently been highly regarded by engineers and technical professionals, administrators, project managers, accounting & financial services professionals and called  “Exceptional” by many new and experienced sales and procurement automotive professional alike!

A  Coordinated Approach

Because H-C is a primarily a negotiation consultancy we don’t just provide workshops and educational programs to our clients, we provide a full range of integrated services that allow us to offer coordinated multifaceted solutions and support tailored specifically for each client and for the mix of participants from various departments and internal groups.  Programs like EVOLVE LIVE include post workshop webinars or teleconferences, email support and live consulting because we know that it takes more than a one or two day educational program to create change and achieve the highest and best possible ROI.

Beyond that H-C offers  customized Bronze Silver Gold & Platinum consulting packages, licensing agreements, ongoing off and onsite challenge specific consulting. Plus clients can choose from individual components like BootCamp© Mock Negotiationssm Modified War Games©  or H-C will work with you to develop a program that exceeds your expectations.

Sample Workshop Topics:    

  • Vendor & Contractor Issues
  • Engineers & Technical Pros
  • Raising Your Added Value
  • Reduce/Increase Scope
  • How To Alter Deadlines
  • Give Less To Get More
  • How To Counter Any Objection
  • How To Change Others Priorities
  • Lower Costs/Increase Sales
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • 7 Different Modes Of Negotiation

(Topics Vary By Program/Client)