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Powerful Interactive & Challenging

EVOLVE LIVE is a powerful interactive experience designed to blow the doors off your negotiation knowledge, skills and potential. Built on quantitative principles and six fundamental tenets EVOLVE LIVE is appropriate and adaptable for engineers & technical professionals, educators, C-Level Executives; purchasing & sales professionals who are beyond simply raising and lowering prices; non-profit organizationsadministrators, managers anyone who interacts with other people in virtually any profession, business sector or industry.

  Learn How To:

  • Predict Reactions
  • Test Assumptions
  • Influence Actions
  • Minimize Risks
  • Maximize Results
  • Increase Skills &         Knowledge
  • Plus so much more!
    • The Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE)©
      • How The EIGE Effects The Way You  Should Negotiate
    • CNS Negotiation Modes
      • Sub-Modes
      • Why The Old Rules Don’t Apply
      • New Rules For The 21st Century
    • Quantitative Foundations of CNS
    •  Objections
      • What they Are
      • What To Do
      • Types
      • Counters
    • Calculus of Deadlock
    • What Every Professional Is Paid To Do
    • Closing Theory
      • Types of Closing Techniques
      • Using The Same Close In Different Situations
      • Proprietary Variations of Classic Closes
    • Communication Styles
    • Communication Types
    • Counter Any Tactic
    • Exert Power (When you don’t have any)
    • Practice/Mock Negotiations
      • Transnational
      • Comprehensive
    • What Harvard Won’t Teach You About the BATNA
    • Q & A
    • BootCampsm
    • Plus Plus Plus & Plus More

The Only Universal Negotiation Framework

H-C’s CNS: EVOLVE LIVE in-house and public 1-Day & 2-Day workshops are based on the CNS Negotiation Continuum® the first and only universal negotiation framework specifically designed and developed for the 21st century’s Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE)©.

EVOLVE LIVE is  interactive, power packed, designed to expose, expand, test and challenge everything you know (Or thought you knew) about negotiation.

Whether you are someone who has never taken a negotiation course, someone who doesn’t see their personal or professional role as requiring negotiation or you are a seasoned professional who has negotiated every day for the past twenty years: EVOLVE LIVE is going to listen, push, frustrate, encourage and provide an opportunity for you to share your experience & wisdom, prepare to grow and then go out and get better results and better personal and professional outcomes than you have ever achieved or thought possible.

While our competitors profess that their frameworks and approaches are equally adaptable one has to question the validity of such claims when the foundations of their systems are primarily grounded in static storytelling and do’s and don’ts that may apply to old school sales or procurement but fail to translate in business sectors and professions where dollars and cents are not the primary drivers of  a negotiation.

Given the advances in competitive intelligence and internet driven communication price is often only one of the major factors for decision makers; CNS addresses these underlying issues and contingencies as well as related aspects of dollars and cents.

Further, many professionals who use and who need negotiation skills and education are not primarily employed to negotiate monetary issues directly because their duties and responsibilities  reside in areas such as engineering, technical disciplines, politics, non-profit endeavors, film and the creative arts, education, financial services, management, administration, leadership, medicine and healthcare, law, utilities or elsewhere; so they are seeking a comprehensive set of tools, tactics and strategies that allow them to adapt to the ever changing demands of their personal and work environments;  CNS  EVOLVE LIVE is that cutting edge advantage.

CNS has consistently received the highest possible evaluation from members of ASME, from the U.S. Military, doctors, c’level leaders, non-profit executives & employees as well as, from sales and procurement professionals who demand a cutting edge, quantitatively based universal framework that puts them in control of their skills and success.

To learn more about specific benefits and options for your organization, profession or industry click on the appropriate link(s) below:

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“Last week I took a training class with the ISM (institute for supply management). It was supposed to be an advanced negotiation class but it ended up being rather basic and not demanding.  This class showed me again how much I have learned from you via the CNS training, the war game(s) as well as the individual sessions…Thank you!”

“Learned a lot…”

” Very entertaining and I loved how the relation of content + life was explained to help relate”

“Very excellent program with lots of take away info to be used in the field”

“Dynamic and knowledgeable…would like to attend more H-C workshops”

“This was the best training I have received. I was fully engaged throughout the entire program…difficult to do”

“Great session. Gave us tools to build on what we do everyday” 


Multisensory Learning For Higher ROI

Virtually everyone has a primary learning preference. Some people learn best by reading or from visual aides. Others by listening. Still others learn best by engaging in hands on exercises and small group interaction. But EVERYONE regardless of their primary learning preference learns and retains more of what they learn by engaging in a combination of these activities.

EVOLVE LIVE uses a multisensory learning approach that combines a full range of activities to stimulate all of the senses. By doing so information is absorbed more deeply and therefore is more readily available after the initial learning activity has been concluded.

Have you ever read a great book or attended a great educational event only to find that shortly thereafter you can’t access or remember much of what you wanted to remember?  We all have at one time or another and that can be really frustrating. But when people move what they want to learn or want to remember out of short term and into the long term memory there is a much greater chance they will  remember more and put that learning into practice.

EVOLVE LIVE workshops include H-C’s proprietary customized BootCamp module as part of the curriculum to stimulate all of your senses. It utilizes proven memorization techniques, stress relief and other elements that encourage participants to retain more and therefore to see a much greater return on what they learn because they use it faster and more frequently.

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Product Name: EVOLVE LIVE Negotiation Workshops Product Brand: Harrison-Chevalier Product Description: EVOLVE LIVE 1 & 2-Day negotiation workshops are interactive, fast paced, multimedia, hands on with huge short and long term ROI. Product Image: https://h-c.com/hc/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/HC-CNS-Rectangle-White.png