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CNS: Built For The Challenge

H-C’s negotiation  consulting and executive education  programs are all based on the CNS negotiation framework featuring the CNS Negotiation Continuum.

CNS is the first universally adaptable negotiation framework specifically designed to meet the complex collaborative nature of the construction and real estate sectors.

Given that both construction and real estate involve sales, procurement, administration, engineering, architecture,  finance and so much more CNS is particularly well suited to be scaled up or down to focus on and  meet the specific challenges, needs and interests of each of these elements during the same workshop or presentation.

After partnering with clients to determine their precise needs and preferences H-C can combine and tailor virtually any combination of our consulting services and educational programs to create a unique proprietary  profile designed specifically for you!

H-C understands that  some  challenges can be identified and resolved relatively quickly, other challenges  and objectives require a comprehensive multifaceted approach in order to achieve the highest and best possible outcome.

Choose from a wide range of consulting services and educational components to create the solution that exceeds your expectations…Call 818 242-8005 today.

Many Facets Simultaneously

No doubt construction and real estate have many unique aspects but they are definitely closely related and one of the challenges they have in common is the ongoing orchestration of many critical facets simultaneously.

In construction issues revolve around  pre-construction, licensing, permits, architecture, engineering, materials, marketing, timing, costs, vendors, contractors, equipment and client relations.

In real estate there are many of the same or related issues including buyers, sellers, listings, permits, marketing, architecture, construction, repairs, timing, vendors, contractors and client relations and these represent only a fraction of the things that have to be coordinated, managed and negotiated before construction projects or real estate transactions are all said and done.

Construction projects and real estate endeavors don’t happen unless the coordinated efforts of all of the involved players and all of the necessary elements focus and come together with an orchestrated intent and single minded objective. Given that range of issues and people there is no question but that negotiation is one of the most critical skills for every professional engaged in construction or any facet of real estate.

H-C has a long history working with builders, agents, brokers and others on virtually every aspect of residential and commercial construction and on every aspect of real estate so we understand the complexities and challenges.

More important H-C understands that those complexities and challenges are exactly what make H-C’s negotiation consulting and educational programs the outstanding choice for any individual or company interested in achieving the highest and best possible outcomes in their construction  and real estate negotiations!

Imagine trying to coordinate a complicated construction project or real estate venture when half the people involved speak one language and the other half have absolutely no idea what that language is or how to interpret what was being communicated; does’t that sound like a recipe for confusion?

And yet confusion, mistakes and missed opportunities are exactly what happen when construction and real estate companies/professionals provide negotiation consulting and education to their sales and procurement employees and leave the rest of folks involved in the process unaware and in the dark.

If you’re an engineer or technical professional, escrow officer, appraiser or project manager and you don’t understand the fundamental rudiments of negotiation you have very little chance of even recognizing when you are being foolish or taken advantage of by those who know how to negotiate effectively.

Don’t put yourself or your company in that position, negotiation is one of the most important parts of your profession. Call 818 242-8005 today to schedule an in-house program or talk about all of H-C’s options.

Sample Topics:  (Partial List)

  • Increase Fees & Commissions
  • Lower Costs
  • Alter/Respond To Deadlines
  • Counter Any Tactic
  • Use Competitive Intelligence
  • Increase Your Added Value
  • Neutralize/Counter Objections
  • Change Others Priorities
  • Increase/Decrease Scope Creep
  • Handle Difficult People
  • Resolve  Internal Conflicts

(Topics Vary  By Program/Client)

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Tailored Programs & Services

H-C  works with you to develop a tailored integrated approach specifically designed to assess and meet your needs, your budget, time-frame and real world objectives (H-C can tailor and adapt any combination of elements from our consulting  and negotiation programs and services to create a proprietary program specifically designed for your organization or group. Tailored down to the specific composition of the attendees i.e. sales, procurement, agents, escrow, engineering, administration marketing or any combination etc.) .

If you’ve ever attended a typical workshop or seminar you know that the curriculum has usually already been determined and that within a few days most of what was presented is lost and you never remember or use it again. That’s why H-C’s in-house programs include  pre-workshop analysis, Confidential Participate Questionnaire’s, BootCamp competitions to dramatically increase your take away, Mock Negotiations tailored to construction and/or real estate.

Programs also include Q&A and hand picked (often custom designed from actual events or challenges that have occurred or that are ongoing within your specific company or experience) multisensory interactive individual and group exercises. In addition H-C includes follow-up webinars or teleconferences, email support and live issue specific consulting after the workshop ends.

H-C’s comprehensive integrated approach goes so far beyond what most professionals have taken away from other programs they’ve attended that our client’s are amazed at how much CNS material and how many of the skills and tactics they are able to put into action immediately; and how much more they retain weeks and months after their participation.

More importantly H-C can remain an active partner long after the live session and included activities are over with our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum consulting packages each featuring elements such as continuous offsite telephone, webinar and conference consulting, regularly scheduled onsite tune up sessions to work with small groups or to meet with your team 1 on 1.

Some packages also offer licensing agreements, Train-The-Trainer options and more depending on your needs and objectives. Call 818 242-8005 today to find out more.