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Masters of Influence

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Aristotle

Educators take something simple and make it complicated. Communicators take something complicated and make it simple. John C. Maxwell

“CNS negotiators are educators when they must be, communicators when they need to be and masters of influence always”                          Derrick Chevalier 

After partnering with clients to determine their precise needs and preferences H-C can combine and tailor virtually any combination our consulting services and educational programs to create a unique proprietary  profile designed specifically for you!  

H-C understands that  some challenges can be identified and resolved relatively quickly, other challenges and objectives require a comprehensive multifaceted approach in order to achieve the highest and best possible outcome.

Choose from a wide range of consulting services and educational components to create the solution that exceeds your expectations…Call 818 242-8005 today.

Or schedule the EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day or 2-Day  customized in-house program and experience the cutting edge in negotiation theory and practice for the 21st century.

Powerful and interactive these workshops are fast paced, challenging and include pre & post assessment as well as  live follow up consulting, hosted teleconferences or webinars and email support.  

In addition each participant receives a customized comprehensive workbook, two perfect bound books including ROADMAP to Success with Dr. Steven Covey, Dr. Ken Blanchard and Derrick Chevalier. Influence – Rapport – Results and the brand new EVOLVE Or Be Slaughtered: Negotiation For The 21st Century, also by Derrick Chevalier. 



Communication & Influence

Pre, primary secondary two-year four-year  technical or graduate level all educators (And those who work with and for them) have two critical functions: 1. To communicate. 2. To influence outcomes with and on behalf of their students.

But how do educators communicate effectively and influence all of the divergent elements involved with education in the difficult and challenging Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE) of today?  How do they stretch limited resources?  How do they navigate the complex variations of individual capabilities and cultural issues like language and poverty? How do they impact voters who don’t want to pay higher taxes?  How do they support and encourage parents who must play a key role in the success of their students? How do they engage politicians who allocate resources and set policy? How do they balance relationships between private, public and charter institutions?

Clearly there is no single simple answer for any of these questions. But clearly the answers will not find themselves and the answers certainly won’t be created in a vacuum.  Rather solutions will  come through communication and influence among  all of the interested players and  through compromise.  

The solutions and the answers will have to be negotiated . And yet how many educators would list negotiation as one of the critical and most important skills for their profession?

Surely many administrators and union representatives know they have to negotiate but how many are highly skilled negotiators? How many professors, teachers or principles and staff actually seek out or receive targeted education in the area of negotiation?  Not nearly enough. Not nearly enough by a long shot.

Too many educators perceive negotiation as primarily concerned with the buying and selling of goods and services (And that’s important because educational institutions buy a lot of good and services!) but buying and selling are barely the tip of the iceberg where negotiation is concerned. Especially where H-C’s Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) is concerned.

Negotiation impacts virtually every aspect of human interaction everyday (Check out this interview from CCN Sunrise with Derrick Chevalier. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBW61mwWmxw and read the recently published article Negotiation & Eating: An Unlikely Pairing published in Business Life Magazine: http://www.businesslife.com/articles.php?id=2799 .

Bottom line, if you want to be a truly effective educator Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS),  has to be part of your basic skill set because negotiation is what you are doing every day.  It’s not a matter of whether you are negotiating on a daily basis it’s a matter of whether you are negotiating well or being negotiated by those who do.

And Harrison-Chevalier is the perfect partner for educators because all of our consulting services and educational programs are based on the only universal negotiation framework as applicable and effective for the pre or secondary school teacher as for the university professor and the successful sales professional and doctor.

H-C offers a full range of consulting services for individuals, teams or groups of any size.  Every program is tailored to meet your goals and objectives and can include one or more customized components such as BootCamp Mock Negotiations Team Member or Crisis Management. Or schedule a customized in-house workshop such as our award winning  flagship 1-Day or  2-Day EVOLVE LIVE workshops.

Or we can design a program from scratch. What do you need, how can we help?  It all starts with a conversation so call H-C today at 818 242-8005.

Sample Topics:

  • Salary & Benefit Negotiation
  • Union & Charter Issues
  • Raising Your Added Value
  • Create Power With Influence
  • How To Alter Deadlines
  • Give Less To Get More
  • Inspiration Vs Communication
  • Survey Of Human Needs
  • How To Counter Any Objection
  • How To Change Others Priorities
  • Styles of Management (Survey)
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • 7 Different Modes Of Negotiation
  • Education As Business
  • Performance Over Experience

(Topics Vary By Program/Client)

Education with hands




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Multifaceted Tailored Programs & Services

Depending on individual client needs and preferences the structure and design of an individual in-house program or combination of services will be comprised of different components and each component will be tailored  to meet the specific requirements of that individual client.

That’s why H-C’s pre-project assessment process will include elements such as our exclusive Confidential Client Questionnaire (CPQ), Confidential Participant Interview (CPI), onsite visits, telephone conferences calls, email correspondence, competitive intelligence, a review of pertinent previous educational experiences and events.

On and offsite meetings with participants at various levels in a defined sequence and/or other proprietary components based on a wide range of factors such as organizational structure, specific challenges & objectives, time frame, group dynamics, composition & strategic positioning of counterparts’ will all strengthen the relationship.

By using these elements and  processes H-C partner’s with our clients and is then able to provide unprecedented levels of service and results.

Call 818 242-8005 or email info@h-c.com to find out how H-C’s pre-project process and listening skills can work for you, for your school or for your organization or group.

Smart Is As Smart Does

Being smart and acting smart are two very different things as every educator knows. Ultimately it’s what we do with our smarts that makes a difference in the world around us. Educators have one of the most significant and complex missions on earth because educators interact with students, parents, administrators, politicians community activists’ and/or other educators on almost a daily basis.

Every one of these groups wants to impact how educators do their jobs. Every one of these groups has separate demands opinions and expectations.

That’s why  few other skills are more important than negotiation for educators and Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) is the cutting edge in negotiation consulting and education.

H-C’s consulting  services and education programs will make a difference in the way you do your job and in the way you handle the many demands you face on a daily basis. Don’t just be smart make a smart decision and call 818 242-8005 to inquire  about H-C’s exclusive up to 50% percent fee reduction for educators and educational institutions.

                                                                                                                                                                            Talk About Smart?

H-C offers up to  fifty-percent fee reductions for EVOLVE LIVE in-house 1 & 2-Day programs and tailored consulting services for most educators and educational institutions because we are committed to supporting education call  818 242-8005 for details!