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  Scientific Method


Using the Scientific Method and a bit of innovation engineers and technical professionals solve the wonders of the world and the universe. 

They start with questions and don’t stop until they can validate the answers and understand how and why the elements fit together.

Then they use the knowledge they’ve gained along with incredible courage and innovation to build to explore to learn and to innovate; in many ways engineers and technical professionals hold the world in their hands.  

Look in any direction from any vantage point and the evidence of their contributions to mankind are everywhere….  

CNS: EVOLVE LIVE is built on quantitative foundations.

That’s why CNS consistently receives the highest possible ratings from engineers and technical professionals from virtually every business sector and specialization.

H-C’s consulting and educational programs focus on Six Foundational Tenets:

How To:

  • Predict Reactions
  • Test Assumptions
  • Influence Actions
  • Minimize Risks
  • Maximize Results
  • Increase Skills &         Knowledge
  • And Much More

Just like the Scientific Method these six tenets lead to greater success and better outcomes.

And once an engineer or technical professional adds CNS negotiation to their existing knowledge and skill sets they become more effective and more valuable than ever before.

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The World In Your Hands

Without negotiation competency many engineers and technical professionals (No matter how competent technically) are as much liabilities as assets to their employers  when engaged or confronted with negotiation challenges outside of engineering and technical areas. Why?  Because engineers and technical professionals rarely have the same levels of competency in negotiation as they do in their professional discipline’s.

The fact is that to get the opportunity to do all of the design building and innovating engineers and technical professionals in today’s Evolving Integrated Global Economy (EIGI) have to navigate corporate structure, budgets internal and external  politics management and administrative responsibilities that often have little to do with the actual engineering  and technical challenges they  were educated or hired to accomplish.

The reality is that the most successful engineers and technical professionals need to know how to negotiate as well as they know how to solve engineering and technical challenges. Yet many engineers and technical professionals don’t see the need for or relevance of negotiation skills.

No doubt vendors and contractors who interact with engineers or technical professionals who lack negotiation skill are thrilled because that deficiency is one of their greatest assets.

One pervasive reason engineers & technical professionals refer to negotiation as a “Soft skill” originates with the historical structure of  the most popular or prevalent negotiation courses over the past several decades.

Those courses are heavily saturated with stories, examples and discussion related primarily to buying and selling. So when engineers and technical professionals attend those kinds of courses they don’t resonate because engineers & technical professionals don’t see the relevance of the content to their duties or professional objectives.

Ultimately many engineers and technical professionals think that negotiation just isn’t worth the investment of their time or resources.  Not with CNS…

Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) is different because it has a quantitative foundation and is based on the CNS Negotiation Continuum. CNS is the first universal negotiation framework specifically designed to be  as relevant to engineers & technical professionals as it is to those who buy or sell for a living.

That’s why CNS has consistently been rated as “Excellent” and “Outstanding” by engineers and technical professionals from a broad spectrum of engineering & technical  fields.

H-C’s Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) consulting and educational programs are absolutely the best way for engineers and technical professionals to acquire that negotiation skill and advantage.

Sample Topics: (Partial List)

  • Decrease/Increase Scope
  • Handling Vendors & Contractors
  • Raising Your Added Value
  • Create Power With Influence
  • How To Alter Deadlines
  • Negotiating With Colleagues
  • How To Counter Any Objection
  • Changing  Others Priorities
  • Testing Limits
  • Handling Deadlock & Inertia
  • 7 Different Modes Of Negotiation

(Topics Vary By Program/Client)

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