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Deliver or go..

No matter how long you’ve been in the business or how new you are to the industry the expectation is the same: stand out, deliver or go home.  

Artist, agent, actor, director, writer, producer or technical expert you’ve got to have a whole lot more than experience and talent to succeed in the entertainment sector and if you leave your career or your future completely in the hands of other people you don’t stand a chance of acquiring the respect or longevity you deserve.

Developing strong skills in negotiation and learning to utilize the power of influence by attending  H-C’s EVOLVE LIVE 1 or 2-day workshop will give you the competitive edge to stand out.  

If you’re negotiating a contract or having challenges with a professional relationship H-C’s tailored consulting services can help resolve all kinds of challenges or disputes and move you closer to your goals.

Call 818 242-8005 today for a confidential complimentary consultation.

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 Selling & Buying

Regardless of what you do in the entertainment world it comes down to selling and buying. You have something to sell and you’re looking for someone to buy or you’re looking to buy and need to find the talent, product or service you want for sale; then you negotiate.

By that time of course it’s often too late because most negotiations begin long before negotiators are sitting at a table or connected on the phone.

And, if you are one of those people who bases your success on knowing when to walk away or on knowing your own bottom line, it might stun you learn that you are mostly negotiating with yourself not the other party; surely you are leaving the best deal on the table even when you get what you think you want…

Get out of  that 18th century rut and evolve into CNS the next level of negotiation consulting and executive education for the 21st century.

By the way just because you’re an award winning actor, producer, writer or agent and you’ve been negotiating for years, doesn’t mean you are a skilled negotiator, it means you’ve been negotiating a long time, that’s it.

If you’ve never really tested your skills or invested the time and energy to improve how do you know how good you really are?

Fact is you may have achieved twice the success you’ve achieved had you invested in the improvement of your negotiating skills and capability; just saying.

Sample Topics: (Partial List)   

  • Decrease/Increase Pricing
  • Handling Different Buyers
  • Raising Your Added Value
  • Create Power With Influence
  • How To Alter Deadlines
  • Negotiating With Colleagues
  • Enhance Your Credibility
  • Earn More Than Book Rate
  • How To Counter Any Objection
  • Changing  Others Priorities
  • Testing Limits
  • Handling Deadlock & Inertia
  • 7 Different Modes Of Negotiation
  • Dealing With Delicate Egos
  • Shades of Grey in Negotiation


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