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Trust & Relationships

Financial Services in the 21st century is all about trust and relationships.

No matter what your focus H-C’s consulting services and educational programs can enhance your ability to establish more trust, nurture and protect your relationships and create more added-value within your company and with your clients.  

The results will grow your credibility and your credibility will grow your business.

If you create incredible value and information for others that can change their lives – and you always stay focused on that service – the financial success will follow.  Brendon Burchard

But you can’t service or create value for clients unless you have clients. And you aren’t likely to attract new premium clients or keep the clients you have unless you create and maintain trust by proving that your focus is more on their needs than on your own.  

While some financial services professionals seek to sell and retain prospective clients using old school negotiation gimmicks, H-C provides consulting services that raise the bar on performance and facilitates educational programs that focus on cutting edge CNS negotiation strategies and the power of influence.

The Competitive Edge

In a business that moves at the speed of light and never sleeps every financial services professional needs a competitive advantage.

H-C’s consulting services and executive education programs are that competitive advantage because our services are based on CNS the only universal negotiation framework built in and for the Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE) of the 21st century.

Whether your are a broker, a relationship manager, money manager, software engineer or technical professional just starting out or at the top of your game H-C’s customized negotiation consulting services and executive education programs such as EVOLVE LIVE will give you the competitive edge you need to craft strategies and handle challenges with clients, colleagues, prospects and others at every level.

  Sample Topics: (Partial List) 

  • Increase Your Added-Value
  • BATNA – New Rules
  • Increase Margin – Lower Costs
  • Create Power With Influence
  • How To Alter Deadlines
  • Testing Limits
  • The Calculus of Deadlock
  • Negotiating With Colleagues
  • How To Counter Any Objection
  • 7 Different Modes Of Negotiation
  • Influence Versus Persuasion
  • Negotiating With Different Cultures
  • Closing New Business
  • Cold Calling Strategies
  • Establishing Trust & Credibility
  • Client Retention
  • How To Make Concessions
  • Buying/Selling Client Book

(Topics Vary By Client/Program)

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Choose a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Consulting package or schedule the EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day or 2-Day  customized in-house program and experience the cutting edge in negotiation theory and practice for the 21st century.

Powerful and interactive these workshops are fast paced, challenging and include pre & post assessment as well as  live follow up consulting, hosted teleconferences or webinars and email support.

Call 818 242-8005 to find out more.

Multifaceted Tailored Programs & Services

Depending on individual client needs and preferences the structure and design of an individual in-house program or combination of services will be comprised of different components and each component will be tailored  to meet the specific requirements of that individual client based on results from H-C’s Pre-Project Assessment process.

H-C’s exclusive Confidential Client Questionnaire (CPQ), Confidential Participant Interview process (CPI), onsite visits, telephone conference calls, email correspondence, overt & covert competitive intelligence, a review of pertinent previous educational experiences and events will often be included.

However, on and offsite meetings with employees at various levels in a defined sequence and/or other proprietary components depending on the client might also be part of the pre-workshop assessment as well.

By using these elements H-C partners with clients and  gains the insights needed to deliver unprecedented levels of service and results.

Call 818 242-8005 or email info@h-c.com to find out how H-C’s pre-project process, listening skills, experience and expertise can work for your financial services organization or group.

If you’re not inside, you’re outside.

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After partnering with clients to determine their precise needs and preferences, H-C will tailor any combination of our consulting services and educational programs for you.  While some  challenges can be identified and resolved quickly, others require a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to achieve the best possible outcome.  

Call 818 242-8005 to discuss your needs and preferences.

Stealth Consulting

Need to establish or strengthen a relationship, buy or sell a new book of business, close a prospective investor, stop a client from leaving your firm?

Made a mistake or find yourself dealing with a particularly difficult challenge or situation? Want to prepare your team for an important meeting or presentation? Interested in raising your prospect closing ratios?

H-C is the perfect choice since many times our clients negotiate with counterparts who never know we’re part of the equation and  that gives our clients another competitive advantage.

Discrete one on one consulting for a single issue or establish a bronze, silver, gold or platinum consulting package so that our services are as available as they need to be to insure the best results for you and for your company.

Ready to tune up your negotiation skills but have limited time? Consider options such as a customized presentation for your Team, BootCamp, Modified War Game, Mock Negotiation, Crisis Management or a combination of these to stay sharp and expand your ROI.

Or call 818 242-8005 and let’s work together to develop a portfolio of customized consulting and educational programs specifically designed for you and for your company.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge you’ve just found it all you have to do now is put that competitive edge to work starting with a confidential conversation 818 242-8005.

In House Programs

Attend A Public

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