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         5 out of 5

Ninety-Seven percent of H-C in-house participants rate programs like CNS as five out of five in the following categories: Sessions are well organized: 5. Material (PowerPoint, workbook, handouts, supplemental material) helped clarify content: 5.  Activities (Mock negotiations, interactive exercises, discussion, Q&A) help participants clarify the content: 5. Professional competence will increase as a result: 5. Immediately use content on the job: 5

But the greatest compliments to     H-C’s programs and services are facts like these; more than ninety percent of clients are repeat clients.

As participants move up and on from position to position they frequently bring CNS into their new company with them.

Finally, the average H-C client remains a client for seven years or more.

Smart, successful professionals don’t do these things unless they are receiving a great ROI.


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Tailored Or Public?

In-House programs include 1 & 2-day programs or 1/2- day presentations facilitated at your business or offsite at a local hotel or conference center of your choice.

Frankly, this is the best way to get full value from H-C’s programs because every H-C in-house program is customized specifically for your company and for the particular job titles, backgrounds and preferences of each particular group from within the company.

As participant composition and group size changes from day to day or program to program adjustments continue to be made to provide the best experience and highest ROI every time. In a nutshell H-C’s in-house programs are never cookie cutter or off the shelf repetitions.

While programs may contain similar topics or components every topic, every component and every presentation is specifically tailored for your business, your profession and your company.

Following initial conversations to discuss specific client challenges, program preferences, goals and objectives H-C begins our exclusive Pre-Workshop or Pre-Services Customization Process (PWCP).

Depending on the program, the client and the overall scope of the relationship H-C will talk to and engage prospective participants, conduct customized participant surveys, request and review documents, analyse internal business practices, conduct competitive intelligence and frequently make onsite visits to obtain as much insight as possible before recommending a customized curriculum or approach. Our recommendations will then be presented to appropriate client representatives for review, discussion and full client approval.

What to Expect?

  • Dynamic  Facilitator(s)
  • Custom Mock Negotiations
  • Custom Comprehensive Workbook
  • HD PowerPoint & Videos
  • Challenging Team Competitions
  • Content Reinforcement
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Hands On
    • Written
  • Proprietary Handouts
  • Live Q & A
  • Real World Applications
  •  Live Demo Of Tactics
  • Client Specific Examples
  • Included Follow Up:
    • Live Consulting
    • Webinar/Teleconference
    • Email Updates
    • Individualized Action Plans

(Topics/Content/Format Vary By Client/Program)



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“High energy”

“Looking forward to more…”

“Well prepared”

“Great take away”




Prestigious Not Prolific Client Relationships

H-C is a premier full service negotiation consultancy and executive education boutique we are not a prolific seminar factory. That means we have to perform and provide unprecedented real world results and extraordinary ROI for our clients on a consistent basis and we do. These facts are clearly demonstrated by the high level of repeat business and long term association maintained with a select group of valued clients who are our greatest assets.

Our best clients know that we will never establish a relationship with them and simultaneously agree to offer the same consulting and educational services to their direct competitor while we are engaged by them (and we will not violate confidentiality thereafter); our competitors by contrast cannot and do not make those same promises or have the same level of commitment to their clients; don’t take our word for it ask them and confirm this reality for yourself.

Ultimately H-C is most interested in establishing long term comprehensive relationships that not only include 1 or 2-day in-house programs but a full compliment of services such as ongoing live consulting, train-the-trainer, material licensing, off and onsite one-on-one interactions with individual employees, proprietary joint activities, mock negotiation, negotiation preparation and debrief and other tailored services dedicated to behavioral change, full integration and extraordinary ROI (That said, such relationships often begin with that initial customized in-house program or presentation and grow thereafter).

H-C isn’t for everyone or every company and we’re proud of it. The only way to find out if we have synergy is to start with a candid confidential conversation, call 818 242-8005 today and let’s begin the process.