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The Law

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst“,  Aristotle

A good judge starts with precedent“, Neil Gorsuch

“Great negotiators create precedent”, D. Chevalier

“A good deal of  justice involves finding the synergy between a particular set of facts or  circumstances and legal precedent. Good lawyers find  and articulate that synergy better than their counterparts.  

But great lawyers not only find and articulate the synergy between circumstances and existing precedent;  they create new precedent by seeing and articulating synergies their counterparts failed to recognize”. 

By contrast CNS negotiation isn’t so much about precedent as about providing tailored consulting services and educational programs that help good lawyers and legal minds evolve into great lawyers and legal minds by adding cutting edge negotiation tactics and strategies to their repertoire.

Specifically tactics and strategies based on the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) framework because it is the only universal negotiation framework developed specifically for the Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE) of the 21st century.

After partnering with clients to determine their precise needs and preferences H-C can combine and tailor virtually any combination our consulting services and educational programs to create a unique proprietary  profile designed specifically for you!

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Are All Lawyers Excellent Negotiators?

There are as many ways to practice law and to use legal training as there are lawyers and people who have attended law school.  Yet despite the fact that many lawyers and many people who attend law school never take or enroll in a single negotiation course, (Or only take a single negotiation course), the vast majority of people in society think of  lawyers and negotiation as synonymous; they aren’t.

Being a good lawyer or having a legal education does not inherently make someone a good negotiator. The challenge is that like society at large many lawyers mistake their legal training for negotiation expertise; it isn’t.

To their credit some lawyers are excellent negotiators but most will readily admit that they didn’t become excellent negotiators in law school.

There are of course a few excellent negotiation courses that focus on lawyers specifically the most recognizable being Harvard Negotiation Project & PON which offer a full range of negotiation courses.

Many of those courses stem from the incredible work done by Professors Fisher & Ury the authors of such notable books as Getting to Yes & Getting Passed No. If you can attend a PON course that is facilitated by someone trained directly by Dr. Fisher or Dr. Ury I would recommend that you jump at the opportunity.

At the same time it is probably fair to say that a lot has changed in the world since the publication of Getting To Yes and perhaps there are new perspectives and evolved ways of looking at negotiation inside and outside of the law that can be beneficial to consider?

H-C believes that there are fresh perspectives and we also believe that many of those fresh perspectives and evolved insights are included in the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies, CNS negotiation framework; in our tailored consulting services and in our flagship program CNS: EVOLVE LIVE.

CNS is the first and only negotiation framework developed in and for the Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE) of the 21st century.

If you are an attorney or if you work in the legal profession H-C would like to extend a special invitation for you to consider our cutting edge consulting services and educational programs and by doing so experience the exceptional quality, service & ROI achieved by our clients.

Sample Topics: (Partial List)

  • The Downside of Precedent
  • Influence Vs. Persuasion
  • How To Neutralize Any Tactic
  • Giving In Illogically
  • What Legal Pros Are Paid To Do
  • Lowering Costs
  • Neutralize/Counter Any Objection
  • Change Others Priorities
  • Why Your  BATNA Is Flawed
  •  Different Communication Styles
  • 7 Modes Of Negotiation

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ROADMAP to Success Cover

                                                                                                   (Topics Vary By Program/Client)



Schedule the EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day or 2-Day  customized in-house program and experience the cutting edge in negotiation theory and practice for the 21st century.

Powerful and interactive these workshops are fast paced, challenging and include pre & post assessment as well as  live follow up consulting, hosted teleconferences or webinars and email support.

In addition each participant receives a customized comprehensive workbook, two perfect bound books including ROADMAP to Success with Dr. Steven Covey, Dr. Ken Blanchard and Derrick Chevalier. Influence – Rapport – Results and the brand new EVOLVE Or Be Slaughtered: Negotiation For The 21st Century,also by Derrick Chevalier.

Multifaceted Tailored Programs & Services

Depending on individual client needs and preferences the structure and design of an individual in-house program or combination of services will be comprised of different components and each component will be tailored  to meet the specific requirements of that individual client.

Programs are also tailored based on H-C’s pre-project assessment process including some or all elements such as our exclusive Confidential Client Questionnaire (CPQ), Confidential Participant Interview (CPI), onsite visits, telephone conferences calls, email correspondence, competitive intelligence, a review of pertinent previous educational experiences and events are all often included.

However, on and offsite meetings with participants at various levels in a defined sequence and/or other proprietary components based on factors such as organizational structure, specific challenges & objectives, time frame, group dynamics, composition & strategic positioning of counterparts’ might also be part of the pre-workshop assessment.

By using these elements  and  processes  H-C partners clients and is then able to provide unprecedented levels of service and results.

Call 818 242-8005 or email info@h-c.com to find out how H-C’s pre-project process and listening skills can work for you, for your school or for your organization or group.

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