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Manufacturing is more…

The rumors of the demise of the U.S. manufacturing industry are greatly exaggerated.  Elon Musk

Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.  James Dyson
Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS), is the perfect negotiation training framework for professionals in manufacturing because it is the only universal negotiation framework built in and for the Emerging Integrated Global Economy  (EIGE) of the 21st century.  
CNS consulting and educational programs are applicable to every professional and every facet of manufacturing because it creates greater cooperation and better results.
Change is a Process






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Perfect Coordination

Everyone involved in the manufacturing sector negotiates everyday. But because manufacturing involves the perfect coordination of internal and external departments such as engineering, logistics, administration, sales, procurement and more, no one size fits all solution is going to effectively help any manufacturing operation achieve the best results.

And  providing separate negotiation training, consulting and educational programs that may have totally different foundations is filled with inherent challenges that often create as many issues as it solves.

That’s why H-C’s full range of negotiation seminars, workshops, consulting and vast educational programs and services are the perfect fit for manufacturing operations of any size and virtually any type.

We’ll start by listening and gathering as much insight as possible, we’ll ask questions even visit your facilities, we’ll talk to representatives from each involved department to get their unique perspective, we’ll review and analyse past programs and related components to determine where they may have benefits, add our years of experience and develop a customized consulting protocol and/or a tailored CNS curriculum designed specifically for your company.

This might include live one on one or small group consulting, webinar’s, conference calls, on site follow up visits, email support, facilitated Mock Negotiations, Modified War Gamessm, BootCampsm ,  Dynamic Time Management sessions or our flagship CNS: EVOLVE LIVE  workshop all tailored to your  company, your goals and objectives.

H-C’s customized interactive multifaceted approach is the only way to create a lasting change and new behaviors that bring proven results. Why?

Everyone has a dominant learning style, some people learn best by hearing, some by doing, some by seeing and some by reading.

But ALL people learn better when their dominant learning strength is supplemented by other forms of learning; add them all up on a consistent basis and over time change emerges and so do better results in skills and capabilities.

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Sample Topics:

  • Decrease/Increase Scope
  • Handling Customer/Vendors
  • Increase Margin – Lower Costs
  • Create Power With Influence
  • How To Alter Deadlines
  • Testing Limits
  • The Calculus of Deadlock
  • Negotiating With Colleagues
  • How To Counter Any Objection
  • 7 Different Modes Of Negotiation
  • Communication Styles & Types
  • Negotiating With Different Cultures
  • Departmental Negotiations
  • Six Foundational Tenets
  • Old Rules Don’t Apply?
  • Raising Your Added Value
  • Procurement Challenges
  • Black Widow Tactics

(Topics Vary By Client/Program)


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Multifaceted Tailored Programs & Services

Depending on individual client needs and preferences the structure and design of an individual in-house program or combination of services will be comprised of different components and each component will be tailored  to meet the specific requirements of that individual client.

H-C’s Pre-Project Assessment process might include H-C’s exclusive Confidential Client Questionnaire (CPQ), Confidential Participant Interview process (CPI), onsite visits, telephone conference calls, email correspondence, overt & covert competitive intelligence, a review of pertinent previous negotiation training and seminars/classes can all be included elements.

By using this process  H-C partners with clients and delivers unprecedented levels of service and results.

Call 818 242-8005 or email info@h-c.com to find out how H-C’s pre-project process, listening skills, experience and expertise can work for your manufacturing organization or group.

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