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CNS Negotiation Continuum

H-C’s negotiation consulting and executive education programs are based on the CNS negotiation framework featuring the CNS Negotiation Continuum®. 

CNS is the first universally adaptable negotiation framework specifically designed to be tailored for any individual, company or business challenge.

CNS: EVOLVE LIVE  (H-C’s flagship program) is a powerful interactive experience designed to blow the doors off your negotiation knowledge, skills and potential.

Built on quantitative principles and six fundamental tenets EVOLVE LIVE is appropriate and adaptable for engineers & technical professionalseducators, c-level executives; purchasing & sales professionals who are beyond simply raising and lowering prices; non-profit organizationsadministrators, managers anyone who interacts with other people in virtually any profession, business sector or industry.

  Learn How To:

  • Predict Reactions
  • Test Assumptions
  • Influence Actions
  • Minimize Risks
  • Maximize Results
  • Increase Skills &         Knowledge


Don’t Negotiate Without Us!

CNS The Universal Negotiation Framework

H-C’s negotiation consulting, workshops and executive education programs are based on the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS), framework featuring the CNS Negotiation Continuum® the first and only universal framework specifically designed and developed for the 21st century’s Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE)©.

While our competitors claim that their frameworks and approaches are equally adaptable one has to question the validity of such claims when the foundations of their systems are primarily grounded in static storytelling  and do’s and don’ts that may apply to some simple or one-time transactional sales or procurement situations but fall short in more complex environments or in business sectors and professions where dollars and cents are not the primary drivers of a relationship or negotiation. Given the advances in competitive intelligence and internet driven communication price is often only one of the major factors for decision makers; CNS addresses these underlying issues and contingencies.

Further, many professionals who use and who need negotiation skills and education are not primarily hired to negotiate dollars and cents because their duties and responsibilities  reside in areas such as engineering, technical disciplines, politics, non-profit endeavors, film and the creative arts, education, financial services, management, administration, leadership, medicine and healthcare, law, automotive, aerospace, utilities or elsewhere; so they are seeking a comprehensive set of tools tactics and strategies that allow them to adapt to the ever changing demands of their personal and work environments;  CNS  EVOLVE LIVE is that cutting edge advantage.

CNS has consistently received the highest possible evaluation from members of ASME, from the U.S. Military, doctors, C’level leaders, non-profit executives & employees as well as, from sales and procurement professionals who demand a cutting edge, quantitatively based universal framework that puts them in control of their skills and success.

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A Tailored Integrated Approach

H-C  works with you to develop a tailored integrated approach specifically designed to assess and meet your needs, your budget, time-frame and real world objectives (H-C can tailor and adapt any combination of elements from our consulting  and negotiation programs and services to create a proprietary program specifically designed for your organization or group) . If you’ve ever attended a standard workshop or seminar you know that the curriculum has usually already been determined and that within a few days most of what was presented is lost and you never remember or use it again.

That’s why H-C’s in-house programs include  pre-workshop analysis, Confidential Participate Questionnaire’s, BootCamp competitions to dramatically increase your take away, Mock Negotiations tailored to your profession or industry, Q&A, and  hand picked selection of multisensory interactive individual and  group exercises. In addition H-C includes follow-up webinars or teleconferences, email support and live issue specific consulting after the workshop ends.

H-C’s comprehensive integrated approach goes so far beyond what most professionals have taken away from other programs they’ve attended that our client’s are amazed at how much CNS material and how many of the skills and tactics they are able to put into action immediately; and how much more they retain weeks and months after they’ve attended.

More important H-C can remain an active partner long after the live session and included activities are over with our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum consulting packages each featuring elements such as continuous offsite telephone, webinar and conference consulting, regularly scheduled onsite tune up sessions to work with small groups or to meet with your team 1 on 1.

Some packages also offer licensing agreements, Train-The-Trainer options and more depending on your needs and objectives. Call 818 242-8005 today to find out more.


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