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Critical Skill

Regardless of your non-profit’s mission there is no more critical skill than negotiation! Ultimately  the life  or demise of every non-profit turns on it’s ability to negotiate successfully doesn’t it?  

From attracting and retaining qualified board members, staff , volunteers and donors, to establishing a genuinely supportive relationship with legislators, politicians, community leaders and most importantly your constituency; it all revolves around negotiation directly or indirectly.

The irony is that most non-profit organizations don’t realize the importance of developing negotiation competency and as a result few seek out or receive negotiation consulting or education and thus miss a key component necessary for their long term growth and success; don’t make that same mistake!

H-C wants to help with up to fifty-percent fee reductions for non-profits.

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Non-Profit Doesn’t Mean Non-Competetitive

Like so many executives in other business sectors and professions far too many managers, mid-level and senior executives working in the non-profit arena think of negotiation as bartering or haggling similar to the way they may have purchased  a house or automobile (Today even simple transactional negotiations can benefit from the insights and proprietary components included in H-C’s consulting and educational programs).

But negotiation involving the buying and selling of goods and services is only a tiny, tiny part of what H-C’s consulting and executive education programs encompass.

The reality is that negotiation impacts every person and every part of your non-profit everyday.

For one thing there are only so many resources available to support the work of your non-profit right?  You compete for financial support, for competent staff, for local, state and federal resources, for board members for volunteers, for real estate and for infrastructure. Which of these critical areas does not involve some form of negotiation?

H-C’s negotiation consulting and executive education programs are perfect for the non-profit sector because all of our consulting and educational programs and services are based on the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS), universal negotiation framework.

CNS is the only universal negotiation framework built for the 21st century and can be scaled up or down to address the specific critical issues and challenges of virtually every individual, small, medium and large non-profit no matter who you serve or what your mission.

Sample Topics: (Partial List)

  • Attracting Board Members
  • Retaining Board Members
  • Contract Issues
  • Establishing “Added Value”
  • More Donors & Gifts
  • Procurement – Lowering Costs
  • Difficult Board Members
  • Volunteer Challenges
  • Salary & Personnel Issues
  • Time Management
  • Cultural Considerations
  • Handling Deadlock
  • Governance & Oversight Issues

(Topics Vary By Program/Client)


Committed To Giving Back

H-C offers up to  fifty-percent fee reductions for in-house programs and individual seats at public EVOLVE LIVE workshops for most non-profit organizations and those employed by qualified non-profits because we are committed to giving back call  818 242-8005 for details!