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What Does It Cost?

The important question isn’t “What does it cost to attend EVOLVE LIVE?”, the important question is how much does it cost if you don’t?

If you’ve never attended a negotiation workshop it’s going to be difficult for you to decide if attending is worth the price right? But then how can you ever know the answer unless you attend?  If what you’re considering is the dollars and cents would you spend a dollar, two dollars or a thousand?

And if all it costs is a dollar, but the workshop was disappointing in terms of what it delivers, would it have been worth the dollar you paid?

Probably not….

2020 Public Schedule*

Los Angeles/Glendale

1-Day Intensive  – March 15

2020 Public Schedule*

H-C is currently revising dates & locations for our 2020 public schedule (Tentative schedule below) Travel if you must just get here because there is no substitute for EVOLVE LIVE.

Los Angeles/Glendale CA

1-Day Intensive – September 5

2-Day  (Full Workshop)

Detroit MI

1-Day Intensive

2-Day (Full Workshop)

Dallas TX

1-Day Intensive

Chicago IL

1-Day Intensive

Vancouver B.C.

1-Day Intensive


Call 818 242-8005 to find out more and to inquire about pricing.


Why not schedule a 1/2 1 or 2-Day customized in-house EVOLVE LIVE or VIRTUAL workshop at your location? H-C still has limited availability for 2020.

Or schedule your live in-house for 2021 and receive substantial early booking incentives including up to a $2,000.00 credit toward consulting or the cost of your workshop.  Call 818 242-8005 today.


H-C has a full range of live & virtual consulting services to address crisis situations and a wide range of other issues and challenges. Call 818 242-8005 today.

Stand Alone Topics/Presentations?


Modified War Games

Mock Negotiation




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Got 6 or more people? Call to inquire about pricing incentives and our semi-public option.



If you’ve attended public programs like Karrass Effective Negotiating, The Harvard Negotiation Institute or The Stanford Influence and Negotiation Program for example, you know that costs range anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000 dollars, but isn’t the question the same? What do you take away and how does it change your personal and professional negotiating competency regardless of the cost?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve attended a negotiation workshop  or received cutting edge insight and education it’s  time to refresh and update your skills and knowledge because negotiation is a vital part of every life and every profession every day.

First time participant or seasoned negotiation veteran H-C’s EVOLVE LIVE shouldn’t be compared to any other program because EVOLVE LIVE is based on CNS the first and only universal negotiation framework built in and for the Emerging Integrated Global Economy (EIGE) of the 21st century.

Programs are power packed, fast paced, multi-sensory and interactive. Every workshop is filled with priceless variations on classic tactics and strategies as well as  proprietary nuggets you cannot find anywhere at any cost.


Browse this website for only a brief period and you’ll discover that H-C’s ultimate goal is to maintain and expand relationships with our existing clients, while thoughtfully establishing  and growing long term multifaceted relationships with a select number of new clients that also last for years.

H-C ‘s experience continues to demonstrate that it is consistent ongoing consulting and client interaction that produces the highest value and ROI. The longer we work with a client and the longer a client works with H-C the more numerous and more substantial their tangible and intangible benefits.

However, H-C recognizes that not every individual and not every small business or prospective corporate client is automatically going to establish that kind of relationship with H-C unless or until they’ve had an opportunity to experience first hand the exceptional value and multiple benefits H-C brings to the table beginning with our flagship program CNS: EVOLVE LIVE.

Therefore H-C will facilitate our 1-Day Intensive EVOLVE LIVE workshop in the Los Angeles/Glendale, CA area on May 5, 2018 and July 15, 2018. We are also going to offer a limited number of 1-Day and 2-Day public workshops in various other locations around the U.S. and Canada in 2018. At present we are finalizing dates and assessing the locations that will provide the widest opportunity for you to attend a public workshop and experience the outstanding value and many take away benefits  of EVOLVE LIVE. Be sure to check the current calendar on this page for the preliminary schedule and then return periodically to see updates and new dates, times and locations  ( If you’d like to see the EVOLVE LIVE program scheduled in your area be sure to let us know and we’ll make every effort to be where you need us to be).


One of the primary benefits of attending a public EVOLVE LIVE workshop is that you will have an opportunity to meet and interact with new people. In particular new people who may be part of the same business sector but who do not work for the same company.

You’re also going to have an opportunity to interact with people who are completely outside of your industry or profession and people who are in your profession or industry but who are on the opposite side of the table.

This means that as you move through the curriculum and participate in practice negotiations, interactive exercises, Q&A and discussion, you’re going to hear opinions and perspectives from people who think very differently than you do. In fact people who may feel the exact opposite on various topics.

You will also find that your opinions and viewpoints are challenged or even that what you’ve been thinking for years about a strategy or topic is factually incorrect. For most people this experience is particularly helpful sometimes even life or career altering.


Depending on the size of the workshop having many divergent opinions and perspectives means that the facilitator is going to need to cover each topic or section of the workshop from as many perspectives as possible in order to engage and respond to as many of the participants as possible.

Certainly you’ll have an opportunity to address specific questions privately with the facilitator during breaks, before or after the workshop but frankly there may not always be ample time to fully address your particular issues or questions.

However every EVOLVE LIVE participant has an opportunity to ask questions after the workshop via telephone or email and every participant is entitled to at least a half hour of live one on one consulting following the program in addition to receiving included supplemental materials (Be sure to ask our competitors if they include the same benefits at no additional cost).

One drawback that cannot be fully removed from any public presentation (H-C’s or any public negotiation program) occurs because you don’t know who is in the workshop or what everyone’s relationship is to your company or your interests hence, issues of confidentiality must be respected. These realities do limit the kinds of questions you might ask or the substance of some of the comments shared during the program.

Another limitation is that since there may be participants from many different professions or business areas mock negotiations and interactive exercises cannot be tailored to a specific sector. Again, these limitations can be removed by opting for additional live one on one consulting or by scheduling a fully customized in-house program; nonetheless these realities do represent inherent constraints in the public format regardless of which public negotiation program you decide to attend.

But that is not to say that H-C’s public workshops are not tailored at all. Depending on the composition of participants at each location the workshop facilitator will select specific components and tailor interactive exercises and practice negotiations to cover a spectrum of topics and levels so that the overall content reflects the interests and competency of each participant as closely as possible.

To learn more about the curriculum and specific benefits for professionals from your business or industry click on the appropriate link below:


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  • Mock Negotiations
  •  Interactive Workbook
  • HD PowerPoint & Videos
  • Challenging Team Competitions
  • Content Reinforcement
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  • Proprietary Handouts
  • Live Q & A
  • Real World Applications
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Event Name: CNS: EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day Intensive Negotiation Workshop Event Description: Power packed, fast paced, multi-sensory and interactive. EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day Intensive is filled with priceless variations on classic tactics and strategies and proprietary nuggets you cannot find anywhere at any price. Start Date: December 4, 2015 End Date: Event Location: Embassy Suites Los Angeles/Glendale Ticket Price: $599-$399 Price Currency: U.S. Ticket URL: