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Simple Truth

Where selling is concerned, learn to close or find another profession!” Derrick Chevalier

H-C’s consulting and executive education programs for sales professionals are specifically tailored to your sales group, business sector and industry utilizing the CNS negotiation framework, the only universally adaptable negotiation framework built and tailored for the 21st century.


How To Eliminate or Neutralize Virtually Any Objection. How To Sell Pricing Increases. How To Handle Pricing Decreases & Demands. Why Influence Is More Important Than Persuasion. How To Handle Difficult People. Why Deadlock Often Isn’t. Interactive Mock Negotiations, New Negotiation Rules For The 21st Century, Power Packed, High Energy, High ROI  CNS: EVOLVE Live CALL 818 242-8005 to find out more…

Don’t Negotiate Without Us!


Prestigious & Vital

Unless  someone  sells virtually everyone else in the food chain goes hungry and that fact alone makes selling among the most prestigious and vital professions on the planet. After all of the platitudes and pundits have had their say what is it that a sales professional has to do to earn a living, grow a business or provide an opportunity for everyone else to do what they do? Close.

No matter what a company or business does NOTHING is more important than having their sales professionals close, fail to do that and the enterprise fails plain and simple.

However, for H-C clients selling isn’t just closing sales, successful selling is about recognizing and closing dozens of subtle interim steps that happen along the way to closing a sale that distinguishes the astute CNS sales professional from someone who simply haggles or barters by lowering or raising prices.

H-C’s clients come to understand that selling in the 21st century isn’t always about their products or services either, they learn that creating and nurturing strategic relationships and making connections that seemingly have little or nothing to do with their specific products or services can also be a critical part of  successful selling.

H-C consulting and executive education features the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS), framework a universal negotiation framework with tools and strategies that can be tailored to help sales professionals strengthen their existing relationships, while at the same time learn to influence and close prospects they were unable to close previously. That’s how they distinguish themselves as outstanding performers in their individual business sectors, industries and professions.

Harrison-Chevalier believes that it isn’t how good a sales professional is, it’s how much better they can become by improving their CNS negotiation skills and knowledge. To learn more or to schedule an in-house customized 1 or 2-Day program for your sales team call 818 242-8005 today.

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Symbiolateral Perspective

Symbiolateral perspective is the CNS proprietary term that refers to seeing or being aware of  a sales or negotiation environment from virtually every angle simultaneously.

Many sales professionals are so focused on what is right in front of them that they miss critical details and subtle shifts in momentum coming from other directions; the next thing you know they’ve lost a client or customer or their relationship with an organization they’ve been selling to for years takes a sudden turn in another direction.

A good deal of the time those seemingly sudden shifts were staring at them long before the consequences materialized. Remember selling is closing but closing involves a great deal more than six simple steps and three simple rules. Why?

Because people come in all sorts of  shapes and sizes with all kinds of  backgrounds and experiences; using the same approach with everyone is a guaranteed way of insuring that you will only sell to a fraction of those you might otherwise close if you were taking these and other things into consideration.

Communication style, communication type, risk factors, competitive intelligence, timing, organizational structure, character and the personalities of decision makers and decision fakers; all of these topics/components have to be tailored and designed for the way your organization sells, the way your customers or clients think and interact with you; and for the way you learn best.

H-C’s consulting and executive education programs can help you achieve long lasting results for everyone on your sales team with programs like CNS: EVOLVE LIVE .

This 1 or 2-Day intense interactive workshop is a great place to start because it can rip the blinders off, reawaken, re-energize and sharpen any sales professional’s symbiolateral perspective by strengthening their existing skills and introducing new proprietary skills, techniques and knowledge that provide exceptional ROI and the competitive advantage to close more business.  Call 818 242-8005 to find out more or to schedule a 1 or 2-Day  program now.

Change is a Process

Choose a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Consulting package or schedule the EVOLVE LIVE 1-Day or 2-Day  customized in-house program and experience the cutting edge in negotiation theory and practice for the 21st century. Powerful and interactive these workshops are fast paced, challenging and include pre & post assessment as well as  live follow up consulting, hosted teleconferences or webinars and email support.  In addition each participant receives a customized comprehensive workbook, two perfect bound books including ROADMAP to Success with Dr. Steven Covey, Dr. Ken Blanchard and Derrick Chevalier. Influence – Rapport – Results and the brand new EVOLVE Or Be Slaughtered: Negotiation For The 21st Century.



A Customized Multifaceted Approach

Because H-C is a primarily a negotiation consultancy we don’t just provide workshops and educational programs to our clients, we provide a full range of integrated services that allow us to offer coordinated multifaceted solutions and support.

That’s why follow up webinar’s or teleconferences, email support and at least two hours of live consulting are included in every 1 & 2-Day  executive workshop; no other company offers that kind of multifaceted value to their clients as part of every program.

But that’s just the beginning since the average H-C client relationship is seven years and our best clients retain a full range of ongoing  off and onsite education and customized components  (Webinar’s, conference calls, on site follow up visits, email support, facilitated Mock Negotiations, Modified War Gamessm, BootCampsmDynamic Time Management sessions), and live consulting so they and  their employees can get support when they need it.

Why a customized INTERACTIVE multifaceted approach? Because an ongoing multifaceted interactive approach is the only way to create lasting change and new behaviors that bring new results.

Almost everyone has a dominant learning style, some people learn best by hearing, some by doing, some by seeing and some by reading. But ALL people learn better when their dominant learning strength is supplemented by other kinds of learning; add them all up on a consistent basis and over time change emerges and so do new results in skills and capability. H-C doesn’t have a cookie cutter one size fits all approach.

H-C looks at each of our clients as valuable partners who deserve the very best service, quality and ROI.

Whether you’re an individual, small, medium size business or corporate conglomerate call 818 242-8005 or email info@h-c.com today to inquire about availability since H-C maintains a limited client list in order to retain the highest standards.

Sample Topics:

  • Decrease/Increase Pricing
  • Handling Different Buyers
  • Raising Your Added Value
  • Create Power With Influence
  • How To Alter Deadlines
  • Negotiating With Colleagues
  • Concession Strategy – New Rules
  • How To Counter Any Objection
  • Changing  Others Priorities
  • Testing Limits
  • Handling Deadlock & Inertia
  • 7 Different Modes Of Negotiation
  • BATNA: 21st Century Strategy

Partial List

(Topics Vary By Program/Client)