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Harrison-Chevalier’s consulting services facilitate tailored solutions and outstanding ROI…

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Harrison-Chevalier’s proprietary process of evaluation, competitive intelligence, probing Q&A and analysis are carefully tailored to each client’s specific situation, size, time-frame, preferences and organizational structure to facilitate and deliver comprehensive solutions and coordinated strategies that get results.

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Concrete customized solutions and action steps that get results. Call 818 242-8005 today to schedule a no cost, discreet consultation.

After partnering with clients to determine their precise needs and preferences, H-C will tailor any combination of our consulting services and educational programs for you. While some  challenges can be identified and resolved quickly, others require a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to achieve the best possible outcome. Choose from a wide range of consulting services and educational components to create the solution that exceeds your expectations… Call 818 242-8005 today.                           Consulting – Coaching

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“It was dark, but now it’s light”                     L. Johnson

Stealth Consulting

Many times our clients negotiate with counterparts who will never know we’re part of the equation. That’s what gives our clients the competitive advantage.

Don’t Negotiate Without Us!”

What do you have to gain?  Call 818 242-8005 and learn more today.

What’s your challenge?  We’ve consulted with clients on contract disputes; organizational conflicts; obtaining a raise or promotion; contesting an unfair termination or demotion (even in right-to-work environments); resolving sensitive interpersonal challenges; buying or selling a business, or real estate; improving team performance and recalibrating goals & objectives; creating a negotiation strategy, debriefing the negotiation, and strengthening negotiation skills; and integrating newly hired C-Level executives, administrators, and managers into their organizations.

H-C has a full range of integrated negotiation services that create solutions for our clients.  That means H-C will combine and tailor our individual consulting and educational components to create a proprietary approach for you, your company or organization.

   Integrity • Discretion • Results 

Why Our Firm

H-C is the only negotiation consulting firm with demonstrated expertise in Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies, CNS the only universal negotiation framework built in and for the 21st century.

As a negotiation consultancy and an executive education firm, H-C offers a broad range of proprietary components such as Mock Negotiations, BootCamp, Modified War Games, Team Member, Interim & Post Analysis, Crisis Management, in addition to cutting-edge, in-house or public workshops and educational programs .

What’s the catch? H-C’s goal is to partner with clients on a long term basis because we understand that it takes more than a one time event to create change or craft real solutions to difficult challenges. We’re as picky about our clients as they are about us, and that’s why our average client relationship is more than seven years long. Which says more about our quality and performance than any slick marketing campaign or slogan.

Looking for quality, integrity and cutting edge solutions?  Call 818 242-8005 today to schedule a conversation.

 “Don’t Negotiate Without Us!”.

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